Banana Splash – Novomatic Classic, Slot Machine Review & Free Instant Play Game

If you are tired of boring everyday life and want to earn extra money, it is the slot machine Banana splash will help all of you to earn real money and spend your time wonderfully. This slot is made according to usual principles, but only it is famous for its extraordinary and high winnings. Everyone will only wait for those levels that the participant will be ready to pass.

That is, in this device there is a huge selection of modes that can be complex and easy. However, it is better to consider complex assignments, since they have the highest payments and an additional competition. But there are other slot machines besides this slot.

But where is the probability that the other devices will pay just like the slot shown? So nothing to stare at other gaming machines, but you need to start fighting exactly in the emulator that we used to talk about. The gaming machine The banal splash play for free The gaming machine The banana splash is a five reel and ten lines that are responsible for all the falling marks.

All users as soon as they begin to pass assignments, get acquainted with the symbols that initially increase their rate. So, two symbols J and Q can give a player a prize of $ 120. When the signs K and A fall out, you can replenish the participant’s account to $ 250.

But there are still signs that look like card suits. And if one of these characters fills at least one line, the participant’s account can grow up to 340 dollars. In this emulator there is also a sign and wild symbol.

They are responsible for such remunerations as 430 and 520 dollars. If our guest has a sign on three sets, then it looks like a pineapple, then the winnings will be 430 dollars. But when a wild banana sign appears, the participant will replenish his account with 520 dollars.

However, this is only the beginning of payments and tests. After all, each of you are waiting for only high and worthy winnings. If anyone has no doubts, then go ahead to a meeting to triumph!

The slot shown above together with its developers specially constructed three tests for the participant, who give not only monetary gains, but also an additional prize is possible. That is, every winner is expected to win money, well, the chances are that after passing the tasks it is possible to win some incredible prize. Great!

Where else can you find such a gambling device that could also offer gifts? But for a huge win, all users must carefully pass the first test. In this task, the player will have to choose from the dealer the card with a banana cocktail.

In all, there will be ten cards and try three. So, as soon as the answer is correct, a win of $ 600 can be transferred to the winner’s account. But the second task is considered more complicated. The participant must cook a banana cocktail for three minutes.

If the opponent likes the taste of cooking, then the winnings will be 725 dollars. However, if you can not keep up with a certain time, then the winnings remain with this slot. Well, the most difficult test awaits ahead of every guest.

If you are really sure that you will pass it, then the main task about the third level you can ask only on our wonderful website of the devices.

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