Columbus Deluxe – Slot Machine – Play Online

The Columbus deluxe slot machine has acquired a new, more updated form of entertainment modes that are capable of paying faster and more qualitatively to the winner. All participants tried to fight with the first part of this slot, but not everyone was able to reach the end of the levels. And now thanks to the specialists of Gaminator it is now possible to easily start to entertain in the second part, as it guarantees more generous and instant rewards.

Columbus Deluxe slot machine (Columbus Deluxe) play online It is unambiguous that our casino casino can not force players to compete in this emulator. In general, the minimum number of players turn to some other slot machines for help, which is not very happy to pay cash prizes to their winner. And only depending on the desire of the participant, our device shown above undertakes to give all the cash prizes to all, how much the user actually wins.

However, before any player starts this slot, you need to carefully consider all the rules of the levels. Since with each stage the player will wait for a new mission of assignments, and, of course, the more difficult the level, the more highly paid money prize will be our guest. The Columbus deluxe slot machine presents to all of you incredibly colorful symbols, thanks to which it is possible to increase your bet by 6,000 credits.

All you need is to carefully consider all the symbols that will be displayed on the control panel of this unit. As soon as you become acquainted with such signs as: the ship, the crown of the queen, the treasure, and also the sea, and instantly all these signs will fall out on combinations, then you will freely increase your capital. But in the proposed slot, as in the first part, there is a wild symbol, symbolizing a high monetary premium.

A wild sign can fall out in the form of Christopher Columbus and then the account must be filled with 15,000 credits. However, the next stage prepared for all of you a more complex task, which is connected with intuition. You need to make a choice on the map.

The dealer will hide more than 36 cards, and your task is to choose three cards with the same suit. If the card definition is correct, then the bonus can be above 20,000 credits. However, if you are defeated, you will only get a bonus win of 100 credits, and, of course, an automatic transfer to the most difficult and highly paid level.

The last stage is ready to give all players their savings. But if there is that real hero and will be able to find a treasure on the island, then a win of 55,000 credits will be his only. But with an incorrect finding, all early wins are reduced to five times.

All regular users and even beginners will be able to freely analyze all their paths at the end of the levels. A table will be given that shows whether you have gone to your victory in the right ways. And after a certain analysis, you can draw a definite conclusion, and start re-fighting in this entertainment device.

Be careful throughout all modes, and let only positive moments surround you.

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