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All gamblers try to find that slot machine, which is ready to give the biggest cash prize. Someone without any problems go through all levels and receive decent winnings, but someone is not very lucky. If any of you wants to forever forget about the penniless life and is ready to carefully try to achieve an excellent result in the passage of all the stages, then it is the Columbus gaming machine that is ready to do anything to pay you the most money.

However, there are other slot machines in our casino, which also played an important role for most users. However, regular players stop at the entertainment device Columbus, which prepared a lot of light and difficult levels, as well as the largest number of cash payments. Our gambling portal is ready to help every guest in passing the levels of this emulator.

Yes, players themselves will observe how the correct way of passage will be displayed in the table. The Columbus gambling machine (Columbus) play online Columbus’ game machine is made specially by professional developers of the company Gaminator. Thanks to the professors of this company, all players can enjoy real modes, which prepared winners only the best and highest rewards.

Everyone who wants this device lures to himself and, coming out of it, no player could not be disappointed in him. So you should start fighting only in this slot offered above. If the company Gaminator interested you in the slot shown, then we present to everyone the initial level, which will give an unforgettable first win.

Our participant does not need to do anything, the main thing is to monitor the symbols. All the signs that will appear on the monitor indicate that ahead of the player waiting for winnings. Of course, there may not be such high ones, but here are the highest remunerations ahead.

So the user is introduced to the screen with such symbols: A, K and Q. These three characters can replenish the user’s pocket to 5000 dollars. However, if more golden symbols appear like: a globe or a precious necklace, then immediately the user is gilded 10,000 dollars.

Although, like in other emulators, there is a wild symbol in it, which will give the highest win in this round. And therefore we present to all players a sign with the image of Christopher Columbus. As soon as this symbol fills all the combinations in the number of five pieces, the participant will get rich by 30,000 dollars.

Nevertheless, there is a second stage, for which it is worth fighting, because he will be able to give his winner $ 70,000. The participant needs to pass a certain task in this stage, and then within one minute this reward will be on his account. Thus, the player as soon as correctly guesses from the intermediary chip, which will be visible to the island, I will fight all the winnings will be the winner.

However, if the answer is dissatisfied with the emulator itself, then the user does not receive anything other than the $ 3000 bonus. Pay attention that even if any of the participants lose in the last stage, then one way or another there will still be cash prizes. Nowhere you will not find such a generous and fascinating device, only on our portal of wonderful machines.

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