JustJewels – Novomatic Slot Machine Review & Free Instant Play Game

The slot machine Diamonds did not appear on the monitors of all players for a long time. And only thanks to experts Gaminator this emulator again went to the ring of battles with other gaming machines. All of you are acquainted with many slots, but there is no certainty that the chosen device will be able to pay the maximum amount of the winnings.

Only this slot above knows its price and will gladly share with you all the real money. You will meet in this entertainment device a lot of different tasks, and with their help get real rewards. However, be careful, because this emulator has prepared for you a wide selection of different tricks that do not particularly want to give all their old money savings.

Slot machine Diamonds to play for free This device displays to you all five spin drums, as well as twenty combinations, without which symbols can not appear. The main point is in the first task, it is to look at all the fallen signs, and determine which one is considered premium. As soon as you press the bet button in time and this will be correct your decision, this emulator will give a win in the amount of 1680 gold coins.

And suddenly there will be expensive symbols responsible for 3000 gold coins, the button bet max will quickly transfer this winnings to your account. Everyone should know what signs are considered premium, and what will be paid the greatest winnings. So, the bonus signs look like gold bullion and crown.

But more paid signs are diamonds, rubies and a huge stack of dollars. So dare and try to wrap the drum in such a direction that only costly signs appear. The Diamonds gaming machine has prepared another task for you, which will pay everyone 5000 gold coins.

However, there will already be a more complicated task of passing. Any player needs to make their bets from one to three combinations. The maximum bet size can be 4000 gold coins, but the minimum 100 gold coins.

If automatic wrapping of reels shows a stack symbol of dollars on the same set of player sets, the score will increase by the maximum win. Nevertheless, if it happens that the drum will make success in its favor, then only the premium will satisfy the user in 240 gold coins. As all participants guessed, the more the bet is the more, the greater the winnings will be in the player’s pocket.

The above slot offers all users not only these two tasks, but even ahead of any player, higher wins are expected. Each player has the right to withdraw their won money at the end of the second mode. However, no one thought that in the latter mode there will be a solid winnings amounting to 10,000 gold coins.

If our guest is lucky enough to choose the desired chip with the image of diamonds, the account will immediately change for the better. But if the choice is wrong, then this device will take 50% of the early winner of the participant. But do not be discouraged even if you lose, you have the opportunity to start re-fighting for your rewards.

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