Magic Money Slot – Novomatic Classic – Play Online

None of the regular users had any doubts about the capabilities of Gaminator. The main part of slot machines in this company received from RuNet medal for the fact that the developers were able to introduce into their slot machines as much as possible cash payments. Although not every player is lucky to get a slot from any slot, and that’s why our casino can all players recommend the Magic Money slot machine.

The shown device with a quiet soul will pay all its lucky winners huge rewards, but on condition that they can go through all the presented modes in this emulator. However, for all participants, there is one rule that you must bet on all combinations before the start. Player’s bets can not exaggerate 50,000 dollars, but the minimum bet can be about $ 100.

Once the player has coped with this rule, then the drums of this device independently start the first mode. The gambling machine Magic Money (Money Money) play online. In the first stage, the participant only needs to look at the monitor and press the bet button in time, when the insignificant symbols appear. But with the loss of bonus signs to the player it is only necessary to press the bet max key and immediately the account will increase to 5 times.

Definitely better to follow the bonus signs, because they are able to maximize the pocket of the player. Although if the player does not notice the symbols in time, his account can remain without any winnings. However, most users are lucky in this level and they earn a good profit.

Even if our guest did not go through the first stage, still this emulator will show the following mode, with which you can become a joke to become rich. So the main role of the player in this task is that you need to wrap the drum so that on all five combinations in the amount of five pieces a symbol of money appears. If everything goes as it should, then the user has the opportunity to get $ 5,000, and automatically switch to the third mode.

The Magic Money machine describes in the third mode the participant’s task, which any novice player can handle. So, the screen of this device will show a rival, who hides twenty cards. If the participant chooses five gold cards on which magic will be depicted, the winnings may amount to 10,000 dollars.

But if you fail to select the right card, the player can lose everything except his initial bet. You have to be very attentive, and listen to your intuition. And then every user will be able to pass this stage above.

But basically all the players try to pay attention to the most expensive level. With its help, any participant can increase their winnings up to 40 times. And then all premiums can be about 100,000 dollars.

But do not be so sure that the last stage is as simple as it seems to you. In it, any of our fans need to closely monitor the dealer and make the right choice for the chip on which there are real large bills of money. And as soon as the player’s answer is true, this entertainment device will increase the account of its winner without problems.

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