Pharaoh’s Gold – Novomatic slot

How to get real cash prizes from any slot? First, each participant must choose the emulator that will pay the largest savings. Secondly, you need to develop your own scheme for passing the levels.

But at the end, it is absolutely necessary for all players to take their rewards as carefully as possible. As everyone knows, RuNet has a large selection of slot machines. But where to find that one?

Our casino can confidently all of you recommend the slot machine Gold of Pharaoh 2. Thanks to this slot all fans can get winnings accurately and quickly. And so everyone understands that there is also the first part of this device.

But now at the moment in the second part of the higher monetary bonuses, and more modern tasks for players. So start the battle with the above gambling device. The gambling machine Pharaon’s Gold II play online. The slot machine The gold of Pharaoh 2 has prepared many different tasks for the participants.

But in order to pass them you need to focus only on victory, and then you can finally get real winnings. This slot is capable of many winnings. For example, in the first task, the player only needs to observe the symbols that will appear on the screen of this emulator.

If signs appear: 10, 9, K, A, Q, J, then the account can increase to 13,500 dollars. However, there are more worthy symbols that are trying to give their user $ 25,000. So when there are such signs as: Pharaoh, Egypt or gold, then the player freely acquires this amount of winnings.

But for this task you can get a trial rotation of the drums in the next mode. This slot encourages all users to proceed to the second mode, since it has the winnings that every second participant thinks about. So, the user needs to wrap the drums with such force that the sign of Pharaoh’s treasure falls on one line.

If the player succeeds, then immediately the rate will increase by 46,000 dollars. However, if this task is defeated, only the bonus will amuse the participant. Also there are two more tasks that have already played an important role in the winnings.

The first thing any user needs to decide on is the way that gold will be hidden. If the player makes the right choice of way, then the opponent will undoubtedly pay $ 78,000. However, not everything is as smooth as it seems.

After all, you can and be defeated. Therefore, if the user stops at the wrong choice, then the early win will be reduced by half. And yet we want all of our regular fans to recommend the last task, which hides the most generous prize money for the winner.

In the latter mode, all players need to find Pharaoh’s gold. If luck is on the side of our guest, and not on the side of this device, then the win has the opportunity to become much larger for the previous one, and the amount will be $ 100,000. But if the user can not make a choice, his account will be filled only with a bonus of 4000 dollars.

Our gambling site offers everyone to find themselves in an unusual country of Egypt. And only with the help of the above entertainment device, each user will receive unexpected, and at the same time, high cash payments.

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