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All gambling users are aware of the information about gambling machines. But where is the slot that is ready to give your winner real winnings? There are very few such devices.

However, now the company Gaminator has finally been able to build such an emulator, which without problems will give its player the largest payout. We want all our regular guests and even beginners to introduce the Unicorn slot machine.

Thanks to its storyline, this slot was able to get a huge number of users. And the most interesting is that only it has the winnings that every second participant dreams about. The gaming machine The magic of the unicorn (Secret Forest) play online The game machine The unicorn is made according to the usual principle.

All you can see on the monitor are five reels and ten lines, on which you need to make your initial money bets. The rate can not exaggerate 300,000 dollars, but the minimum is about $ 100. If you correctly put all bets, then this emulator will launch its drums.

During the first level you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with all the symbols that will gradually pay a certain amount of winnings. So, the symbol 10 or 9 will give you 2000 dollars, but provided that one of these signs will be in the number of two pieces. But if signs A, K, Q, J seem, you can rejoice, because your account will lose $ 10,000.

However, there are two symbols that are ready to give you winnings of 20,000 and 50,000 dollars. A reward of $ 20,000 can be obtained only if there are four symbols with the image of magic mushrooms on three sets. And suddenly the sign of the unicorn will appear, you will be gilded with 50000 dollars.

If this level is passed in the right way, then this device presents the second stage, which is responsible for the premium of 100,000 dollars. In order to receive this amount of reward, all users need to guess from the intermediary the way the unicorn passed. And if for five minutes any player will be able to choose the right path and find a unicorn, the account will instantly receive the above winning amount. But with the wrong answer, the participant is only waiting for a small bonus of $ 1000.

However, even if one of the users does not pass the second level, then still this slot will offer to pass the finishing stage, with the help of which you can freely become rich. The last level is exactly what each participant was looking for in other slots. Because thanks to this machine you can get a real jackpot.

The main thing that our guest should do is, as confidently as possible, choose a black card from the dealer. In total, the dealer will show ten cards closed, and as soon as the player stops on the right choice, the account will increase to five times. This will be the maximum jackpot of this entertainment device.

Nevertheless, there is no need to hurry, after all, there is plenty of time to choose. If any of the participants take defeat, then all of his winnings can instantaneously become three times less. We wish you all good luck! Be always confident of your victory, and then it will be accurate next to you throughout all levels!

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